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Automated Timesheet Reconciliation for Staffing Firms

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einTime is designed to streamline timesheet reconciliation for staffing companies. Our platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, intelligent auto-validations and seamless integrations with leading VMS, HRMS & Payroll providers. Experience an efficient payroll preparation process that saves time, eliminates errors and enchances accuracy.

Automated Timesheet Reconciliation for Staffing Firms

The Problem

The Bitter Reality of Timesheet Reconciliation at Staffing Firms

Timesheet reconciliation process in staffing industry is a messy process, characterized by manual data entries, chains of email follow-ups, error-prone reconciliations, while being devoid of any digital data trail. The entire process is exhaustive, time-consuming yet payroll teams in staffing companies have become conditioned to comply with this demanding routine, week after week.


Man Hours
per Week

Average amount of time required to download, verify and reconcile timesheets in a large staffing organization
0 +

VMS Portals accessed

Timesheet files are accessed from 15 different VMS portals used by enterprise clients to track contingent staff working hours
0 +

Clients served

Average number of global enterprise clients served by a large staffing company

0 +

Validations every cycle

Total checks and validations applicable on a single timesheet prior to payroll processing
It’s time to leverage technology to tackle the deluge of timesheet files that arrive every payroll cycle. Embrace our timesheet-to-payroll automation custom-built for large staffing firms to sail easily through volumes of faulty timesheets and prepare to make smooth landing every payroll week.

It's time to adopt einTime

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Our Solution

einTime for Automated Timesheet Reconciliation

einTime empowers staffing companies to move away from manual timesheet validations by equipping their payroll staff with a tech-enabled reconciliation platform. einTime provides an intuitive dashboard to access, validate, reconcile timesheet data for a given payroll cycle and record these data points, insights for future reference.

We built einTime to solve real use cases derived from our 2 decades of experience in US Staffing industry. We understand the challenges in managing timesheets for a large, remote workforce employed with diverse enterprise clients. einTime enables your teams to deliver accurate payroll processing, reduce costs, and generate real-time analytics for informed financial decisions.


Custom-built to simplify timesheet-to-payroll workflows in staffing use cases

Automated Timesheet Extraction

Our intelligent platform extracts timesheet data directly from your clients’ VMS portals, eliminating manual data entry and data cleaning hassles due to multiple csv formats. Seamlessly normalize entire timesheet data generated in varying formats from diverse VMS platforms, ensuring consistent data ingestion.
Automated Timesheet Extraction
Built-in Intelligence

Built-in Intelligence

Built-in algorithms identify and rectify common errors within timesheets, ensuring crucial data accuracy prior to payroll processing.

Streamlined Workflows

Experience effortless payroll file preparation with our intuitive interface automating the entire timesheet-to-payroll process. With task delegation and tracking features, our platform empowers your team to focus on business priorities. 

Streamlined Workflows
Timecard Tracking

Timecard Tracking & Follow-Ups

Gain complete visibility with eIntime ! Enjoy automated employee reminders, proactive manager alerts, and seamless VMS portal consolidation for a streamlined, accurate, and timely follow-up process. 

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Our user-friendly UI requires minimal training, encouraging your payroll staff to ditch manual processes and upgrade your payroll operations with advanced technology. 


Pre-Built Compliance Checks

Confidently address your crucial compliance considerations in real-time as per per state and federal laws applicable to diverse staff from different backgrounds.
Collboration Teams

Centralized Payroll Calendar

Maintain a single, comprehensive calendar that showcases the payroll cycle for staff working for each client, with prompt reminders on upcoming payroll tasks

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports with real-time insights into payroll expenditure distribution, empowering your CFO with valuable financial data.
Real-time Reporting & Analytics
Data Security & Privacy

Data Security & Privacy

Secure confidential timesheet and payroll data with advanced user identity management. Our system is configured with multi-level access and data privileges, adhering to industry standards for data security and privacy. 


Connect with Leading VMS Portals, HRMS & Payroll Providers

Seamlessly consolidate timesheet data from all your diverse client VMS timesheet portals into a single, unified dashboard. Leverage the robust integrations pre-loaded on eIntime to sync, update timesheets though secure data connections with leading timesheet platforms used by major enterprise clients. Our platform automatically retrieves timesheet data directly from these systems, irrespective of source formats and prepares the data for your payroll teams

VMS Timesheet Portals


HRMS & Payroll Providers

Customized Pricing as per usage

Affordable Automation to Supercharge your Payroll Productivity

einTime is flexible and customizable to fit your employee size, payroll cycles, and client base. It is affordable & delivers upto 50x ROI to staffing companies through productivity improvements and actionable insights. All customers get access to priority support to help them fully utilize eIntime’s potential.

Timesheet Management

Follow-up Automation

Expense Workflow

Dashboard & Analytics

Enter a State of Payroll Nirvana

Auto-decode Timesheets for Swift Paycheck Decisions

Unlock a new level of productivity for your payroll teams, while your timesheet validation workflows get streamlined through the power of automation. einTime is tailored for staffing enterprises and it delivers a multitude of benefits to positively transform your operations.

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